Content Delivery Network

Best Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service Provider

With increase in the usage of internet the demand for services/tools to increase the speed of application is increasing. CDN stands for Content delivery network. It helps user to reduce the latency and increase the overall browsing speed of the application. CDN is mainly designed in such a way to reduce the overall latency of your application. The application having user globally require CDN services to reduce the response time to open the website.

How Content Delivery Network (CDN) Works?

CDN stores the content of your website in various location and it is designed in such a way that whenever a user pings the website the data is retrieved from the nearest location. In nutshell CDN puts data in different location and provide more coverage to your users. For example if someone access your website in US and website is hosted in Australia then with the help of CDN the website will be accessed from a local POP in US.

Advantages of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

* Improves the speed of your application

* Increase the security of the application

* It helps to handle high traffic

* Optimize the bandwidth consumption

* Protect website from DDOS attacks

* Increases the uptime of your application

* Increases the traffic conversion rate of your website

What kind of users require CDN Services?

* Website having users spread across the world

* Website having features like online videos and streaming services

* Applications having gateways integrated with it

* Social media websites with global client base

* Online banking applications

* Digital media applications

* Gaming applications

* E commerce websites

Factors involved in the performance of CDN depends on: -

Number of PoPs: - CDN PoPs stand for Point of presence. More the PoPs are present lesser the round trip distance is required. At Hostrunway we are having PoPs in all the major data centre globally and we ensure to provide you the lowest latency for the application hosted on our CDN platform.

Caching Servers: - Caching servers helps to store and delivers the file locally. It helps to reduce the website load time and optimize the bandwidth consumption.

Storage: - Normally the caching server’s performance depends on the storage device. Cache server’s uses SSD drives to provide the low response time.

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Using HostRunway's Cloud services to store information and applications can be beneficial to businesses of all kinds in many different ways. Probably the most obvious benefit to using cloud architectures is the fact that it can help your business cut costs. Beyond cutting costs, however, businesses will experience other benefits from using cloud architectures.

What kind of an application you want to run in the server?

You need to figure out the characteristic or the nature of the application that you want to run in the server. Doing this beforehand will help you understand the server requirement and you will be able to choose the plan accordingly.

How much RAM, hard drive and CPU is required?

While choosing a server, you must keep the basic components of it in mind. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how much CPU, hard drive space and RAM is required.

What version of database is required?

The more advanced version of database you use, the better the performance of the server will be. At the same time, it might affect the cost of the package as well. Hence, be careful to determine the database version. HostRunway offer support on wide range of data bases that includes MYSQL, MS SQL, Oracle and POSTGRE.

What kind of server managed service is required?

Server managed service is something that you should be very specific about. This is what will ensure the availability and the performance of the server. Be a little detailed while explaining the service that you require as this will help the service provider meet your requirements in the best possible way. We offer managed services support on network level, OS level, application level, back up and DR level.

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