What is Dedicated Server USA – Know Everything?

What is Dedicated Server USA?

Hostrunway is led by young and dynamic workforce to offer turnkey IT services. We provide dedicated server hosting services in multiple locations of US. Hostrunway Dedicated server in US are private computing servers that are fully dedicated for customers usage. Dedicated servers in US are best suited for organizations that are looking for substantial cost savings from larger infrastructure deployments and gain economies of scale and to help sustainable business growth. Each dedicated server hosted in US data centre uses only the latest technology from our premium hardware providers and we commit to provide 99.95% guaranteed uptime.

Our Cheap dedicated Servers in USA eliminate the need to constantly upgrade or replace obsolete equipment. We provide an option to custom-built dedicated Server powered by a fast processor and the latest software. Our cheap dedicated servers in US can support multiple database-driven websites, Machine learning, Forex applications, gaming applications and complex e-commerce websites.

We provide dedicated hosting services in US top cities like Miami, New York, Chicago, Columbus, Houston etc. Hostrunway dedicated servers in US are equipped with world-class infrastructure and low latency global network so that customers get hassle-free services and get world class experience to host their application in our data centres in US. Our dedicated servers in US comes with a committed uptime of 99.99%. In our data centres we maintain N+N redundancy. Our dedicated servers in US are surrounded by multiple firewalls that guarantee security of valuable data hosted in our data centre.

Hostrunway provide dedicated servers hosting services in US to run multiple applications like machine learning, deep learning, streaming services, mining applications, ecommerce hosting, web hosting etc. We provide latest technology of GPU servers that supports to run application that require high compute. GPU servers are used for running machine learning, deep learning and mining applications.  We also provide dedicated servers with latest CPU and hard drives. Our dedicated servers in US comes with an option of 40 cores processors and NV Me hard drives. These servers can be used for running ecommerce websites, streaming applications etc.

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Hostrunway owns and operate a network backed by redundant high-speed connections to the Internet backbone and servicing high traffic websites. Our network is designed in such a way that it automatically selects the fastest route to transport data and BGP routed network redirects traffic to alternative carriers in case of any downtime of current service provider.

Hostrunway provides custom build dedicated Servers hosting services in US for clients who demand high speed for bandwidth and optimum server performance without the any hassle related to machine maintenance.

What Are The Benefits of Hosting Dedicated Server in USA With Hostrunway?

  1. 24X7 Support: – We provide 24X7 support to our customer who have hosted dedicated servers in our data centres.
  2. Redundant Network: – Our data centre in US are N+N redundant. It means that we maintain multiple level of redundancy for all dedicated server hosted in US location.
  3. Blazing fast SSDs & NV Me drives: – Our dedicated servers in US comes with an option of hosting server with SSD and NV Me drives. These drives come with very high IOPs and overall performance of server hosted on this infra gives much better performance.
  4. Fully Customizable: -Our dedicated servers in US are fully customizable. We offer customization for RAM, processor, hard drive, OS, database, bandwidth, IPs and control panel.
  5. Multi location availability: – We provide hosting services in 27 different locations of US and Canada. We can provide cheap dedicated hosting services option in regions like New York, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco etc.
  6. Fully Secured Network: – Our cheap dedicated servers in US comes with Auto-Updates and fully secured network. Our data canter in US uses commercial-grade security devices, firewall which are capable of defending internet-facing applications from vicious cyberattacks.
  7. Physical Security: – Dedicated server in US is equipped with 24X7 in house and on-site security support. Our data centre is equipped with triple factor authentication which includes anti pass back system, biometric and proximity card scan. Data centre in US facilities are equipped with Key cards and biometric scanners. Data centre in US has advanced fire and smoke detector systems.

What Are The Various Applications That Can Run Dedicated Servers in US?

  1. Machine Learning application: – We provide a dedicated platform to host customer application. User get much better performance from machine learning applications that are hosted on dedicated server in US. Therefore, dedicated servers in US are highly recommended to host machine learning application. We also provide option for hosting GPU based dedicated servers. We provide dedicated server with GPU like NVIDIA 1070, NVIDIA Tesla K80, NIVIDIA Grid K520. Hosting services for GPU based dedicated server are available in cities like Miami and New York.
  2. Web Hosting Application: – Web hosting applications are well suited to run on dedicated servers in US. We provide support to host all the latest version of Linux and Windows operating system. We also provide databases like MYSQL and MS SQL to the applications on dedicated servers in US.
  3. Deep Leaning application: – For Deep Learning application customer need a combination of high CPU and GPU servers. In such kind of application GPU based dedicated servers helps to perform the operations faster. This is because in normal CPU customer get 16 cores however in case of GPU customer gets 4000 cores. These GPU based dedicated server helps to run multiple queries in one go. Normally a CPU may have 16 cores however a GPU based dedicated server has 4000 Cores. Hostrunway provide GPU dedicated server in Miami and New York.
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  5. Ecommerce application: – Ecommerce website require lot of compute power and bandwidth to run their applications in data centre. At Hostrunway we provide latest version of Windows and Linux operating system to run Ecommerce Web applications. We also provide MY SQL and MS SQL data bases to support these applications. Our dedicated servers in US comes with a high bandwidth through put of 1 Gbps which is scalable up to 10 Gbps port speed. Our dedicated servers come with an option of SSD and NV Me hard drives. These hard drives provide very high IOPs. This infra is well suited to run ecommerce application in our data centres.
  6. Streaming servers: – We provide dedicated server in US for running streaming applications. Performance of streaming applications depends on multiple factors which includes server configuration, bandwidth and data centre network. Dedicated server for streaming enables content provider to deliver audio, video and image files on real time bases. These USA based dedicated servers needs advanced storage, memory and high network capacity to be able to store large volume of data and deliver them to end user in minimum time. Our dedicated servers in US comes with high compute processors and latest configuration of SSD drives. We also provide various option of bandwidth like data transfer, dedicated port & shared port. Our data centres provide seamless performance to customers who host streaming applications in our data centre.

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Apart from these applications we also provide support to host multiple applications like gaming servers, CDN applications, Application hosting etc. We provide vast range of dedicated servers in US. Based on requirements customer can opt for desired server configurations.


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