Dedicated Servers

Enterprise Dedicated Servers for High Performance, Fully Redundant with latest infrastructure & DDoS protection.

Dedicated Server Worldwide

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers without our advanced cloud features can be deployed in any of our datacenters as well. Custom configurations are available upon request.

Processor Location Memory Storage Bandwidth IP Address Monthly Price
Intel Atom D525 Los Angeles, US 4 GB DDR3 1× 500 GB (HDD SATA) 100 Mbps 30 TB 1 IP $60 Order Now
Intel Atom C2350 Paris, France 4 GB DDR3 1× 128 GB (SSD SATA) 1 Gbps Unmetered 1 IP $40 Order Now
Intel Xeon E5-2630L v2 Hong Kong, China 4 GB DDR3 1× 120 GB (SSD SATA) 100 Mbps Unmetered 1 IP $150 Order Now
Intel Atom D2500 Buenos Aires, Argentina 2 GB DDR3 1× 250 GB (HDD SATA) 10 Mbps Unmetered 1 IP $130 Order Now
Intel Core i5-2400 Cairo, Egypt 16 GB DDR3 1× 1 TB (HDD SATA) 100 Mbps Unmetered 1 IP $179 Order Now
Intel Xeon E3-1245 v5 Sydney, Australia 32 GB DDR4 2× 2 TB (HDD SATA) 1 Gbps 5 TB 1 IP $150 Order Now

How Dedicated Server Hosting Plan Help to grow your Business?

Hostrunway is a one of the fastest growing data center service provider in the world. We are committed to provide best data center services to our customers. Hostrunway provides you dedicated servers with high uptime and performance. We have designed packages to meet your budget. We have presence in different geo locations. We offer services like dedicated servers, virtual private servers, public cloud, CDN, Multiple IP hosting services etc. Hostrunway dedicated servers and data center network are capable of managing website traffic, multiple domains, images, video and high graphics applications. Website loading speed matters a lot. Faster the website loading speed lesser will be the bounce rate of the visitors. At Hostrunway you get an option of running your web application or dedicated server in different geo locations. We provide dedicated server hosting services in different sub continents which includes USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. We also provide dedicated servers to run applications like machine leaning, Block chain and Artificial intelligence.

Dedicated server are not like shared servers or VPS server. As the name suggest in case of dedicated servers single client is hosted on one server. Dedicated server is mainly used for hosting web applications with high traffic load. Our dedicated servers comes with an option of customization for OS, RAM, Hard drives, CPU and bandwidth. We offer dedicated server hosting services with the latest version of windows and Linux operating systems. Benefits of hosting dedicated servers with Hostrunway are: -

  • Reliable Infrastructure - We offer servers with latest configuration. Each server is equipped with Intel and AMD processors. Hostrunway also offers GPU servers with latest version of NVEDIA cards. Latest configuration of servers with reliable infra provides good hosting experience. Hardware and infrastructure of data center is fully redundant. We commit to provide an uptime of 99.99%.
  • Innovation - Our organization main focus is in the development of new technologies to keep our customer one step ahead from other service providers. Our team of developers has designed the infra in such a way so that there is minimum dependency of our infra on third party tools. We only prefer to provide branded new servers to our customers. We ensure to provide servers with latest updated technology to our customer at very competitive prices.
  • Managed Support Services - Our dedicated team provide 24X7 support to our customers. We take special care of our customers. We provide support through website, email and phone. Our client retention rate is best in the industry.
  • Value for money - Hostrunway dedicated servers offer great value for money. In case of dedicated servers there is no sharing of resources with other customers. Components like RAM, CPU, IOPs and hard drives are dedicatedly assigned to a single user only. Dedicated servers offers great value for money to our customers and it is therefore the first choice for top companies CIOs for hosting various mission critical applications in our data center.
  • Enhanced Control - Dedicated server hosting services with Hostrunway comes with complete root level access for the server. Customer gets full access control of its server. Full access of server enables users to easily install and remove any applications or software’s on the server. Therefore dedicated server hosting is the first choice for technical team and site owners.
  • High speed Network connectivity - All data centres networks are equipped with 1 Gbps uplink. Dedicated server comes with bundled bandwidth with an option of upgrading the link speed. Connectivity in data center is equipped with multiple bandwidth providers. The data center has multiple ISP. The bandwidth in data center comes with BGP routing. We commit to provide an uptime of 99.95%.
  • Multi Region hosting Option - Hostrunway offer hosting services in various regions like USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. With the help of Hostrunway customer get option of hosting servers in multiple location and manage servers hosted in different geo locations from a single console. It help to save lot of cost and time in searching multiple service providers in different countries.
  • Secured network - In current scenario security is the need for every business unit. Our data center comes with the advanced features of high security services. We maintain seven layer of physical security in our data centres. Bandwidth of our data centres are DDoS protected. We have multiple firewalls for filtering internet traffic passing through our data center networks and to provide secured infra for hosting dedicated servers.
  • Multiple IPs support - Hostrunway offers option of hosting multiple IPs on a single dedicated server. We have plans in which user get an option of hosting full IPs block like /24, /23, /22 IPs and more.
  • Operating system - Hostrunway dedicated servers comes with an option of installing and supporting all the latest version of windows and Linux operating system. We also provide support in installation of hypervisors like VMware Esxi.
  • N+N Redundant network - Our data centres are Tier 3 compliant and we maintain multiple level of redundancy on every level. Our robust redundant network provide better uptime to our customers.

Dedicated Server - FAQs?

Q. What is a dedicated server?
Answer: - Dedicated server is a physical machine which provide dedicated resources for hosting web applications to a customer. Dedicated resource incudes RAM, CPU, hard drive and processor. In case of dedicated server customer get full control over server. Full control helps to get better performance for the application hosted in the data center.
Q. What are benefits of hosting applications on dedicated server?
Answer: - In case of dedicated server user gets full root access of server and no resource sharing happens. Therefore the overall performance of the application hosted on dedicated servers is much faster. Secondly in case of dedicated servers customer can install and configure customized OS on servers without any limitations.
Q. How much time is required to setup a dedicated server?
Answer: - Dedicated servers with standard configurations are delivered within 24 hours however server with customized configuration may require some additional time to deliver the services depending on the availability of hardware. For details please connect with our sales team.
Q. How to select the best suited dedicated server for the business need?
Answer: - This is most common question which is raised by customers while purchasing a dedicated server. Performance of a dedicated server is dependent on CPU, RAM, hard drive, Clock speed, IOPs, network speed etc. We have multiple range of dedicated servers which starts from USD 32 per month. It is strongly recommended to take the inputs from application developer to get the best suited dedicated server configuration for your application. In case the application has been developed by your in house team then you can consult with our sales team to work out the best suited solution to meet your requirements.
Q. What are the different locations in which you provide dedicated server hosting services?
Answer: - We provide dedicated server hosting services in multiple regions. We have presence in more than 50 countries in the world. We provide dedicated server hosting solution in US, Europe, Oceania, Asia and Africa.
Q. How many IPs you offer with dedicated servers?
Answer: - All dedicated servers comes with 1 IP. For additional IPs you refer to online customization page. We can provide additional IPs at extra cost. We have options to provide dedicated server with 256 IPs and more.
Q. Is your data center network is compliant to support IPv4 and IPv6?
Answer: - Yes our data center is complaint to support both IPv4 and IPv6. We can provide you support to configure both IPv4 and IPv6 in your server.
Q. What are the different operating system that are supported by Hostrunway?
Answer: - At Hostrunway we provide installation and support for all the latest version of Windows and Linux operating systems.
Q. What are the databases which are supported by Hostrunway?
Answer: - We provide support to data bases like MS SQL, MY SQL data bases. In case you have any other requirement for database support and installation then please connect to our support team.
Q. What kind of bandwidth is provided with dedicated servers?
Answer: - All our dedicated servers comes with bundled bandwidth. We also provide option to customize bandwidth from shared uplink to dedicated uplinks. Depending of customer budget and requirements we have various options for bandwidth like shared uplink, data transfer and dedicated bandwidth port. All dedicated server comes with an option of hosting on 1 Gbps uplink which provide better processing speed to the dedicated servers hosted in our data center.
Q. What kind of control panel comes with dedicated servers hosted in your data center?
Answer: - For Linux operating system we provide C Panel and for windows operating system we provide support to install Plesk panel at extra cost.
Q. What is the uptime committed for dedicated server hosted in your data center?
Answer: - We commit to provide an uptime of 99.95%. However most of data centres are managed to provide an uptime of 100%.
Q. What are the different options of hard drives you provide for dedicated servers?
Answer: - Our dedicated servers comes with an option of hosting server with SATA, SAS and SSD drives.
Q. What kind of application are recommended to run on dedicated servers?
Answer: - The common types of application that you can run on dedicated servers are like big data, Machine learning, block chain, ecommerce applications, game servers, websites, HRMS applications, SAP applications etc.
Q. Can I install OS on dedicated server which is not listed on your website?
Answer: - Yes you can install your own customized OS on the dedicated servers. We can provide you the KVM access and through KVM you can install customized OS.
Q. What do you mean by managed and unmanaged dedicated servers?
Answer: - Dedicated servers are categorised in managed and unmanaged servers. In case of managed dedicated server our team take of all support related activates. We provide support on OS and DB level. However in case of unmanaged server we provide root access to customer. Customer take care of managing the OS and other applications installed in the server.
Q. How many websites we can host on a dedicated servers?
Answer: - You can host multiple websites depending on the size of websites and capacity of dedicated server. We don’t put any restriction on server and bandwidth. By default all ports on the server are open.
Q. Can I install hypervisor and configure multiple virtual servers on dedicated servers?
Answer: - Yes we support to install hypervisor like VMware Esxi on your dedicated server. We also provide support to configure multiple IPs on the dedicated servers.
Q. Do you provide dedicated server to run application like Block chain, big data and Machine learning?
Answer: - We provide GPU based dedicated servers to run high compute intensive applications like big data, machine leaning and block chains.

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