Athens Dedicated Servers

Enterprise Dedicated Servers for High Performance, Fully Redundant with latest infrastructure.

Dedicated Servers Athens Greece

Dedicated servers without our advanced cloud features can be deployed in any of our Athens datacenters as well. Custom configurations are available upon request.

Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth IP Address Monthly Price
Xeon E3-1270 v3 3.5 GHz 4c/8t 32 GB DDR3 2× 480 GB (SSD SATA) 1 Gbps Unmetered Fair Usage 1 IP $290 Order Now
Xeon E-2336 2.9 GHz 6c/12t 16 GB DDR3 2× 500 GB (SSD SATA) 100 Mbps Unmetered 100 Mbps Guaranteed 1 IP $310 Order Now
Xeon E3-1220 v2 3.1 GHz 4c/4t 32 GB DDR3 2× 480 GB (SSD SATA) 1 Gbps Unmetered Fair Usage 1 IP $560 Order Now
Xeon E-2388G 3.2 GHz 8c/16t 32 GB DDR3 2× 500 GB (SSD SATA) 100 Mbps Unmetered 100 Mbps Guaranteed 1 IP $650 Order Now
Dual Xeon E5-2640 2.5 GHz 6c/12t 32 GB DDR3 2× 1 TB (HDD SATA) or 2× 480 GB (SSD SATA) 1 Gbps Unmetered Fair Usage 1 IP $695 Order Now
EPYC 7443P 2.8 GHz 24c/48t 128 GB DDR3 2× 500 GB (SSD SATA) 1 Gbps Unmetered Fair Usage 1 IP $1450 Order Now

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Why Choose Hostrunway's Dedicated Servers in Athens, Greece?

Building a strong online presence in Greece requires a reliable foundation. Hostrunway's dedicated servers in Athens offer the perfect solution for businesses seeking exceptional performance, enhanced security, and complete control over their web hosting environment. Here's why Hostrunway's Athens-based dedicated servers are the perfect choice for your business:

  • Strategic Location: Host your website in Athens, Greece, and minimize latency for visitors throughout the country. Faster loading times mean happier users and potentially increased conversions.

  • Enhanced User Experience: A local server delivers a smoother browsing experience for your Greek audience, boosting engagement and loyalty.

  • Data Residency Compliance: Certain regulations might require data storage within specific regions. A Greek server ensures compliance with such regulations.

  • Unparalleled Control and Security: Hostrunway's dedicated servers offer complete control over your hardware and software configuration, along with robust security features to safeguard your data.

  • Scalability for Growth: As your Greek audience expands, easily scale your server resources to meet increasing demands. Hostrunway offers flexible plans to accommodate your needs.
  • 24/7 Expert Support: Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any questions or technical issues, ensuring a smooth hosting experience.

Go beyond just a website – choose Hostrunway's dedicated servers in Athens and empower your online presence in Greece!

Where is your data center location in the Europe?

At Hostrunway, we understand the importance of geographically distributed data centers for European businesses. That's why we offer a robust network of data centers strategically positioned across key European markets.

This vast network allows you to choose the data center closest to your target audience, minimizing latency and ensuring exceptional website performance for your users.

Here's a glimpse into some of our prominent data center locations in Europe:

What Our Customers Say

These testimonials highlight the reliability, performance, customization, and support aspects of Hostrunway's Dedicated Servers, reflecting positive experiences and satisfaction from different clients. Adjust or modify these testimonials to accurately represent actual client feedback or experiences if available.

“Hostrunway's Dedicated Servers have been a game-changer for our business. The unparalleled performance and reliability of their servers in handling our high traffic have been remarkable. Their support team’s prompt assistance and expertise have made our hosting experience seamless. Highly recommend!”

David Miller
Chemical Industries

“We've been using Hostrunway's Dedicated Servers for years, and they've exceeded our expectations every time. The customization options allowed us to tailor our server to fit our unique requirements perfectly. Their uptime guarantee and proactive support team have been invaluable to our operations.”

HQ Streaming Company

“Choosing Hostrunway for our Dedicated Servers was one of the best decisions for our online business. The reliability and scalability of their servers have supported our growth tremendously. Their servers' robust security measures and round-the-clock support provide us with peace of mind. Thank you, Hostrunway!”

Connie Bayliss
SAAS Billing Solutions