Charlotte Dedicated Servers

Enterprise Dedicated Servers for High Performance, Fully Redundant with latest Data Center infrastructure Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Dedicated Servers Charlotte, USA

Dedicated servers without our advanced cloud features can be deployed in any of our Charlotte datacenters North Carolina, USA as well. Custom configurations are available upon request.

Processor Memory Storage Bandwidth IPs Monthly Price
Dual Xeon L5520 2.2 GHz 4 cores 32 GB DDR3 1× 2 TB (HDD SATA) or 1× 250 GB (SSD SATA) 1 Gbps 10 TB Fair Usage 1 $158 Order Now
Xeon E3-1270 v6 3.8 GHz 4 cores 64 GB DDR4 1× 4 TB (HDD SATA) or 1× 500 GB (SSD SATA) 1 Gbps 10 TB Fair Usage 1 $298 Order Now
Dual Xeon E5-2670 v2 2.5 GHz 10 cores 192 GB DDR3 2× 500 GB (SSD SATA) or 2× 4 TB (HDD SATA) 1 Gbps 20 TB Fair Usage 1 $378 Order Now
Ryzen 9 3950X 3.5 GHz 16 cores 128 GB DDR4 2× 2 TB (SSD (NVMe) CIe) 1 Gbps 20 TB Fair Usage 1 $998 Order Now

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Our technicians can provide you with the best custom made solutions on the market, no matter whether you're a small business or large enterprise.

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"Low Cost, State of the Art Dedicated Servers in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA"

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