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What is GPU Server for Machine Learning?

The traditional processors, with only a few but very powerful cores, are not designed to handle the algorithms needed for machine learning. As a result, algorithms are mostly performed on graphics processors (GPUs) rather than on the CPU, as these have thousands of logical cores, depending on architecture. The NVIDIA CUDA technology, in particular, makes it possible to process data in parallel with high-performance GPUs.

In the specialized GPUs such as NVIDIA Tesla GPU and its descendants, machine learning applications experience significant speedups. And our dedicated servers for Machine Learning can handle up to eight GPU cards and offer Volta generation GPUs that are 40 times faster than the CPUs for these calculations and calculations.

What are the pricing Dedicated GPU Server for Machine Learning?

Hostrunway offers dedicated server with NVIDIA GPU for Machine Learning large scale projects in various at very low cost. We provided many considerations that can help you select a GPU or set of GPUs that is best suited for your needs. Below are the price list GPU for Machine Learning.

CPU Intel Xeon RAM (GB) Storage GPU Data Transfer Data Center Monthly Price
1 x E5-2620 2.00GHz 6C/12T 16 240 GB SSD 1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 15 TB Miami $290 Order Now
1 x E5-2620 2.00GHz 6C/12T 32 250 GB SSD 1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070Ti 15 TB Miami $300 Order Now
1 x E5-2620 2.00GHz 6C/12T 16 240 GB SSD 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 15 TB New York $450 Order Now
1 x E5-2620 v2 2.10GHz 6C/12T 64 240 GB SSD 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 15 TB Miami $600 Order Now
2 x E5-2620 v3 2.40GHz 12C/24T 64 240 GB SSD + 1 TB SSD 4 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 15 TB New York $825 Order Now
2 x E5-2620 v3 2.40GHz 12C/24T 64 500 GB SSD 2 x NVIDIA Tesla K80 15 TB Miami $825 Order Now
2 x E5-2620 v2 2.10GHz 12C/24T 32 250 GB SSD 3 x NVIDIA GRID K520 15 TB New York $675 Order Now
E5-2650 v2 2.60GHz 8C/16T 32 250 GB SSD NVIDIA Tesla K80 15 TB Miami $375 Order Now
2 x E5-2620 v3 2.40GHz 12C/24T 64 500 GB SSD 2 x NVIDIA Tesla K80 15 TB Miami $825 Order Now

Hostrunway’s offers best dedicated GPU server for machine learning @ lowest cost in globally. Our cheapest dedicated servers are reliable, high performance, fully redundant with latest infrastructure.

How do I get started with GPU for Machine Learning?

Do you want to get started with the best GPU dedicated server hosting for Machine Learning systems? Speak to our experienced team today or write to us at sales@hostrunway.com, and we will be there for you at the earliest.

For instant chat or discussion, you can connect with Our Agent via Live Chat. We offer GPU Dedicated Servers for Machine Learning, virtual servers, cloud hosting, email server hosting, disaster recovery, cloud hosting, and virtual servers with our turnkey solutions.

What are the Features of GPU Dedicated Servers for Machine Learning?

The following are some key features of GPU Dedicated Servers for Machine Learning. They offer:

  • High-speed mathematical processing for high-performance computing tasks.
  • Excellent efficiency and manageability features.
  • Better storage and management even for tremendous amount of data.
  • Freedom to choose the most suitable OS options.
  • More operational latency.
  • Greater level of independence in terms of capacity.
  • Intuitive control panels.
  • Improved functionality with Machine Learning.
  • Seamless process interconnection for accelerated process-cycles.

What are the Benefits of GPU Dedicated Servers for Machine Learning?

GPU Dedicated servers in Machine Learning provide multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved performance even with the toughest workloads.
  • Efficient and quick management of big data.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Improved computing capabilities.
  • Accelerated machine learning applications.

Why to Invest in GPU Dedicated Servers for Machine Learning?

Investing in GPU dedicated servers for Machine Learning is a worth since you can leverage:

  • Enhanced Uptime - We ensure an uptime of 99.99% with our N+N redundant network. We are committed to delivering excellence through our highly reliable dedicated servers.
  • Reliable Data Recovery Services - We offer the most reliable and secure data recovery services in two different seismic zones of the USA. Our objective is to prevent your business downtime.
  • Highly Secure Network - Our network is surrounded by multiple firewalls that guarantee security for your valuable data. We have a team of seasoned professionals deployed for regular monitoring of servers on a 24X7 basis.
  • Low Latency - We utilize BGP routing and have deployed multiple ISPs in our data center to support faster data transfers. We aim to reduce the latency rate so that end-users can leverage timely data-transmissions.
  • Multi-Zone Availability - We have a wide presence across the major cities of the US, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong to ensure multi-zone availability for all our users without any hassles.
  • Managed Hosting Services - Our dedicated servers come with managed services and L1 support. However, you can also get support up to the OS level and DB level at applicable costs.

Who should buy a GPU dedicated server for Machine Learning?

As we stated previously, GPU dedicated servers are suitable for sites with a lot of traffic, such as e-commerce stores, websites, and blogs. Also, the companies with growing graphic and computational needs find GPU dedicated servers with Machine Learning quite beneficial.

Therefore, dedicated servers with Machine Learning can transform the web hosting services to a large extent, offering companies and individuals an exclusive space to store and manage their critical resources.

Where to get GPU Dedicated Servers that support Machine Learning?

When you're looking for GPU dedicated servers for machine learning systems, it's crucial that you chose solutions that can scale with your business requirements. It is where HostRunway's expertise lies. You can securely transfer the data, keeping all the physical and virtual solutions interconnected.

At Hostrunway, we offer complete freedom to migrate your data and resources in the way most suitable to you. We are committed to delivering excellence with a zero-compromise policy on uptime, security, and performance.

Why Choose Hostrunway GPU Dedicated Servers for Machine Learning?

With an uptime of 99.99%, Hostrunway is committed to providing exceptional services. On our servers exclusively designed for Machine Learning systems, it is easy to configure any application, including eCommerce applications, big data, game server hosting, and streaming services, without any performance or capacity issues. And you can concentrate on other core business activities. You can leverage the following benefits with our dedicated servers for Machine Learning systems:

  • Zero Performance and Capacity Hassles - We ensure that our GPU dedicated servers for Machine Learning offer exceptional performance since all our server resources are only dedicated to running your business application. You will not face the performance and capacity issues anymore. It will eventually reduce your overhead expenditure on installation and maintenance of IT resources as well.
  • Reliable Bandwidth - Bandwidth is a tiebreaker when it comes to the application performance. The better will be the flexibility of bandwidth; the more excellent your website's performance will be. It also improves the latency rate. All our GPU dedicated servers for Machine learning are NVIDIA Tesla certified servers to enhance your website's and business applications' uptime.
  • Easy Customization - At Hostrunway, we offer GPU dedicated servers for Machine Learning with a range of configurations for Operating Systems, Hardware, Databases, RAM, Processors, Bandwidth, and Capacity. You can utilize our GPU dedicated servers for your constantly changing and growing business needs, regardless of the industry and geographical location.
  • 24*7 Seamless Support - With our skilled professionals deployed across different locations worldwide, 24*7 support is always guaranteed, so you face minimal issues to manage and operate the dedicated servers. Our support experts will also assist you in installing and configuring the control panels, ensuring smooth hosting services for you.
  • Higher Returns on Investment - Though a GPU dedicated server's cost is relatively high than any other hosting service, the performance puts it a level higher. The performance of the website is something that matters the most. Our powerful GPU dedicated servers are reliable and secure options, ensuring that you get better returns on every business investment.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction - We offer flexible pricing structures and wide server configurations for machine learning to our customers, so our customers get to pay only for the features they use. Our customization services are specifically designed to keep our customers satisfied. Our objective is to offer a world-class experience to our customers, building long-term relationships.

What are the OS Options available in GPU Dedicated Server for Machine Learning?

All our solutions are fully customizable. You can get your choice of the operating system, RAM, GPU, and other hardware through our dedicated server for Machine Learning customized within 48 hours.

Forget about all the performance challenges with highly reliable, redundant, secure dedicated server resources offered by Hostrunway.

Where is your data centre location with Machine Learning support?

At Hostrunway, we believe in delivering excellence through hassle-free services to our customers globally. We have world-class infrastructure and a low latency network.

We fully own and operate the data centres in our primary locations, including the USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania; On the other hand, we have rented spaces in secondary premises.

We offer exceptional support and services to customers anywhere across the globe.

Which GPU Best for Machine Learning?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer which is best gpu for your Machine learning project. It is totally depends on your project requirement, scale you project, specific algorithms and models you working. To consider best GPU server for your Machine learning project you must understand your requirement. You can opt for NVIDIA Tesla A100, NVIDIA Tesla V100, NVIDIA Tesla P100, NVIDIA, Tesla K80, Google TPU, DGX-1, DGX-2, DGX A100, and many more. Following are the list of GPUs most recommended for use in Machine learning projects.

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