Factors Involved in the Performance of GPU Based Dedicated Server

Performance of GPU card is dependent on various component. We have done detailed analysis of different component on which the performance of GPU based dedicated server depends. Below we have specified the various components of GPU card.

Transistors: – Transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify or switch electronic signals and electrical power. GPU card having more number of transistor will give better performance for running the graphical application on GPU based dedicated servers.

Core clock: – Core clock is the operating frequency of the graphical processing card installed on the video card. Core clock is the actual speed in which graphics processor works. It is measured in MHz The more the core clock speed better the performance of GPU based dedicated server.

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Boost Clock: -Boost clock is a dynamic clock speed adjustment tool which is controlled by GPU boost. It helps to monitor the real time use age of power for graphics card and boost clock comes in function when graphics card hits predefined power target. This clock make automatic adjustment to speeds and voltages to maximize the performance of application running on GPU based dedicated servers. It is measured in MHz. More the boost speed in your GPU card better will be the performance of dedicated server with GPU.

Memory: – Memory or vRAM on the GPU helps to temporarily store data like textures that are used for running the video and graphic application. This means that higher the configuration of vRAM more is the data that you can store. So higher the configuration of vRAM better the performance of dedicated server with GPU card.

Memory clock: – Memory clock is the speed of vRAM on GPU based dedicated server. It is measured in MHz. It directly affects the speed of dedicated server. More is the memory clock better the speed of dedicated server with GPU.

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Memory Bandwidth: – Memory bandwidth is quite often used while defining the specification of any GPU based dedicated server. Memory bandwidth is defined as the maximum amount of data that the GPU card can handle at any given time. It is measured in GB/second. It directly affects the performance of GPU based dedicated servers.

Texture Fill rate: – Texture fill rate is the rendering rate of a pixel. It is measured in GT/s. 1 GT/s texture fill rate means billion texels per second. In current scenario Hostrunway provide GPU based dedicated server having texture rate up to 331 GT/s or more.

Pixel rate: – Pixel rate is the maximum amount of pixels the GPU can process in local memory. It is measured in GP/s. Pixel rate is dependent on the factor like memory bandwidth. The higher the memory bandwidth better is the ability of the filling rate.

Thermal design power: – Thermal power design sometimes referred to as TDP. It is the maximum heat generated by the GPU card under intense workload. It is sometimes referred to as the power component that can be used.

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