Dedicated Server with 256 IPs

A Dedicated Server with 256 IPs offers businesses robust hosting capabilities, boasting an open port 25 for enhanced control, security, and performance in online operations.

The Power of a Dedicated Server with 256 IPs for Your Business

A Dedicated Server with 256 IPs, also known as a /24 IPs block, offers businesses a robust hosting solution with extensive IP resources. This configuration provides unparalleled versatility and connectivity options, allowing organizations to host multiple websites, applications, and services on a single server. With each IP address representing a unique online identity, businesses can enhance their online presence and manage various online projects efficiently.

The significance of a Dedicated Server with 256 IPs lies in its ability to meet specialized hosting requirements, offering powerful solutions for diverse business needs. Whether it's for hosting multiple websites, implementing geo-targeting strategies, or managing large-scale online operations, this hosting configuration provides the flexibility and resources necessary for optimal performance.

Processor Operating System Memory Storage Bandwidth IP Address One Time Setup Cost Monthly Price
Xeon Quad Core Linux 16 GB 1x1TB 10000 GB 256 IPs(/24 IPs) $150 $349 Order Now
Xeon Quad Core Linux 32 GB 2x1TB 10000 GB 256 IPs(/24 IPs) $150 $399 Order Now
Xeon Quad Core Linux 64 GB 2x2TB 10000 GB 256 IPs(/24 IPs) $150 $549 Order Now
Xeon Quad Core Linux 128 GB 2x2TB 10000 GB 256 IPs(/24 IPs) $150 $649 Order Now

Unique & Unbeatabe Features

Port 25 Open

Hostrunway's dedicated servers with 256 IPs come with Port 25 open, facilitating seamless email communication and ensuring efficient email delivery.

Unique & Clean IP Block

Hostrunway's dedicated server with 256 IPs provides clients with a unique and clean IP block, ensuring that each IP address is distinct and untainted.

RDNS Support

With Hostrunway's dedicated server, clients benefit from Reverse DNS (RDNS) support, enabling them to configure custom RDNS entries for their IP addresses.

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Benefits of a Dedicated Server with 256 IPs

A Dedicated Server with 256 IPs offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking robust online operations. Firstly, the abundance of IPs allows for improved website performance, as each website can have its unique IP address, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing speed. Secondly, it provides enhanced security through customized measures, leveraging the multitude of IP addresses to implement tailored security protocols for each website or application. Additionally, this hosting solution promotes scalability, catering to the evolving needs of businesses without constraints on IP availability

Extensive IP Resources

Detail how 256 IPs offer versatility, enabling users to host multiple websites, applications, or services on a single server.

Enhanced Versatility

Emphasize the flexibility to allocate IPs as needed, supporting various online ventures and accommodating future growth.

Enhanced SEO

Websites hosted on distinct IP addresses experience improved SEO rankings, as search engines attribute higher authority to such sites.

Customized Security

Tailored security for each website or app boosts protection against cyber threats with 256 unique IPs.

Geographical Diversity

Hosting websites across 256 IP addresses optimizes regional performance, catering effectively to a global audience.

Redundancy and Failover

Multiple IPs enhance redundancy, ensuring continuous availability and minimizing downtime during failures.

Use Case of Dedicated Server with 256 IPs

A dedicated server with 256 IPs offers a versatile solution for various specialized requirements across different industries. Here are some prominent use cases:

  • Hosting Multiple Websites: Businesses or individuals managing numerous websites can benefit from assigning each site its unique IP address. This setup enhances website performance, security, and SEO while providing better control over each site's functionalities.

  • E-commerce Platforms: Online stores and e-commerce platforms often require dedicated IP addresses to ensure secure transactions, SSL certificate installations, and better reputation management. With 256 IPs, an e-commerce platform can efficiently manage its operations and customer data securely.

  • Financial Institutions: Banks, financial services, and trading platforms prioritize security and compliance. Having a dedicated server with 256 IPs enables them to host sensitive financial data securely, implement stringent security measures, and comply with regulatory requirements without compromising performance.

  • Media Streaming Services: Platforms offering media streaming services, such as video-on-demand (VOD) or live streaming, require robust infrastructure to handle high volumes of traffic. With 256 IPs, these services can ensure seamless content delivery, minimize latency, and maintain a high-quality user experience.

  • Gaming Servers: Multiplayer gaming platforms and online gaming communities rely on dedicated servers for hosting game instances, managing player interactions, and ensuring low-latency gameplay. A dedicated server with 256 IPs can accommodate multiple game servers, providing gamers with a reliable and responsive gaming experience.

  • Digital Marketing Agencies: Agencies managing SEO campaigns, digital advertising, and content marketing for multiple clients require dedicated resources to optimize campaign performance. With 256 IPs, these agencies can host client websites separately, implement tailored SEO strategies, and track campaign effectiveness efficiently

These diverse use cases demonstrate the versatility and scalability of dedicated servers with 256 IPs, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

Global Data Center Network

Hostrunway offers a low latency worldwide network, enabling you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base.

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“Hostrunway's Dedicated Servers have been a game-changer for our business. The unparalleled performance and reliability of their servers in handling our high traffic have been remarkable. Their support team’s prompt assistance and expertise have made our hosting experience seamless. Highly recommend!”

David Miller
Chemical Industries

“We've been using Hostrunway's Dedicated Servers for years, and they've exceeded our expectations every time. The customization options allowed us to tailor our server to fit our unique requirements perfectly. Their uptime guarantee and proactive support team have been invaluable to our operations.”

HQ Streaming Company

“Choosing Hostrunway for our Dedicated Servers was one of the best decisions for our online business. The reliability and scalability of their servers have supported our growth tremendously. Their servers' robust security measures and round-the-clock support provide us with peace of mind. Thank you, Hostrunway!”

Connie Bayliss
SAAS Billing Solutions