Why Dedicated Server with Nvidia 1080 GPU Makes Best Choice?

Do you often feel overwhelmed with your website performance? Are graphics making your website too slow to load?

It can be a frustrating experience for your customers too. Therefore, it would be best if you upgrade to a high-performance dedicated server with NVIDIA 1080 GPU.

A GPU dedicated server would be a good investment, don’t you think?

With a powerful server and top-notch CPU, users can complete routine tasks quickly and efficiently, and the user has an efficient workday. However, it is better to use a high-performance GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) when the workload is heavy to improve processing speed by a factor of many times. 

You can utilize the capabilities of the NVIDIA TESLA V100/P100, as well as the NVIDIA GTX 1080/1080Ti and RTX 2080TI graphics cards, to meet any requirements solely. In addition, since the introduction of GPGPU (General-purpose computing on graphics processing units), GPUs have been used increasingly in servers.

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Having so many cores in a GPU is clearly the main advantage. While they are each less powerful individually, they process a great deal of data very quickly, in tandem, processing hundreds or even thousands of data streams at once. Having high data processing rates can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

The processing of graphics

Everyone involved in graphics rendering seeks to reduce the processing time. What’s the harm in letting your graphics card do the work? That’s what it was made for. It will enable the shortest rendering times when combined with a high-performance CPU. Industry tests have confirmed this proposition.

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According to a controlled industry test, there were no significant differences in performance between an 8-core 3.4GHz Xeon and a powerful NVIDIA GPU with 2700 CUDA cores when rendering V-ray images. A CPU rendering image in the exact resolution took 19 minutes instead of a GPU rendering image in the precise resolution in only 3 minutes.

An overview of neural networks

Working out of your comfort zone can save you time and money. The performance of a GPU server when training neural networks over a CPU might seem incongruous at first, but it’s evident once you see it. Especially when training large neural networks, the time savings can be massive. You can significantly reduce the processing times from weeks or months to days using powerful graphics cards. 

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You can experience the performance difference with GPU servers. As the applications and their usage are widely spread, they are used in climate simulations, transcriptions of medieval texts, and image and face recognition software.

The virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

When it comes to high-performance, secure servers for ArchiCAD or streaming videos, you will need a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Unlike traditional hardware, this is significantly more secure, cost-effective, and accessible remotely from practically any device.

Using a GPU has no limits as far as applications are concerned: data science, mining, telemedicine, video transcoding, facial recognition, etc.

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