Benefits of Hosting Dedicated Server with 256 IP’s

1. Time and Volume: – With the help of single IP’s a customer can sent more than 2 million mails in one day. However customer can run only one campaign with one IP therefore time required to deliver the mails is high. With the help of multiple IP’s the delivery time can be reduced. For example in case 2 million mails require 8 hours time with 1 IP then with the help of 2 IP’s 2 million mails can be delivered in 4 hours.

2. Running Multiple Campaigns: – While hosting dedicated server with 256 IPs you can run multiple campaign on the server. The advantages is that one campaign functionality is not dependent on the other campaign. In case of any DDoS attack or IP black listing of one campaign then the other campaign running on different IP will not be affected. In hostrunway hosting your dedicated server with 256 IP gives you an assurance of getting all the white listed IP’s with 100% delivery of mails in the customer’s mailbox.

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3. Social Media: – In current scenario all the big organisations are using social media to increase their brand awareness. Therefore every organisation want to register their online presence. Some marketing tools require multiple dedicated IP’s to function properly and provide better results. These days social networks are intelligent enough to block IP’s in case application receive multiple request at same interval of time. With the help of running 256 IP’s on dedicated server you can rotate IP’s regularly and get better result of the campaign.

Various option for hosting dedicated servers are: –
1. Dedicated server with 32 IP’s
2. Dedicated Server with 64 IP’s
3. Dedicated server with 128 IP’s
4. Dedicated server with 256 IP’s
5. Dedicated server with 1048 IP’s
6. Dedicated server with 2096 IP’s
7. Dedicated Server with 4096 IP’s
8. Dedicated server with 8192 IP’s

Various application you can run on dedicated server with 256 IP’s are: –

1. Newsletter
2. Marketing Mails
3. Transnational messages
4. Verification mails
5. Bulk SMS
6. Running multiple websites

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