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PostgreSQL is about secure data storage and is also good at ensuring third party applications can retrieve data from the data easily and in a secure manner. PostgreSQL is a database management system which is object relational. It allows use of multi-data access by millions of users from different web applications at the same time without even a single hitch.

PostgreSQL is has an object-oriented database model and therefore we can conclude that there is support of classes and inheritance as in programming languages such as Java. Data objects are also highly supported in PostgreSQL since it is a relational database management system. PostgreSQL designers and developers made it in such a way that it can run on almost all Operating systems ran on computers today. Such operating systems for instance include Microsoft Windows, Linux among others.

PostgreSQL is one of the best object oriented database management system known since it can support access and execution of read, delete, update and write database operations by very many users at the same time making it a unique and robust database management system invented so far.

Moreover, PostgreSQL allows any data transactions which can be of course synchronized or even asynchronous to be personalized to any process or user that is requesting access for the data, regardless of the operation in question. Also, PostgreSQL is written by a group of programmers who keep it updated and robust day in day out. It is because of this that the database management system is tolerant to data replication operations. In addition, data indexing in PostgreSQL is amazing since it supports a variety of indexing techniques such as hash and b-tree indexing. This has made PostgreSQL database management system to have a high competitive advantage in the market and hence is widely used by companies involved in handling big data.

This has been mostly contributed by the fact that PostgreSQL also supports a wide range and variety of datatypes, ranging form integers, numbers, chars, to boolean and even JSON values among others. In PostgreSQL, security is implemented through assigning of access rights and privileges on objects and subjects. It has a reliable performance and hence companies in need of fast and secure data operations prefer it mostly. It is suitable and highly recommended to banks and other commercial operations.

Moreover, it supports alot of database management system add-ons which allow migration to other database management systems such as MySQL and many others. With more versions and mind blowing features mentioned to be made by the development team, PostgreSQL database management system is way to go. With big companies such as Yahoo! and many other companies offering online video games having implemented PostgreSQL on their data servers and data centers.

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