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Hostrunway helps to construct, build and run customers infra on Google Cloud. We provide continuous optimization for infra hosted on Goole Cloud. Hostrunway team has knowledge of various services offered by Google Cloud. We help customers to avail optimized services from google cloud. Hostrunway provide hassle free support to host customer application on Google Cloud. We provide simplest and seamless support to host application on Google cloud. Various compute services offered by GCP are: -

  • Computing Engine - Compute Engine helps to create and deploy virtual machine on Google cloud. In compute engine customer can scale the infrastructure on real time bases without any downtime. Compute engine is an OPEX solution in which no upfront payment is required. Google Cloud provide option to host virtual servers in Googles worldwide data center and load balanced cloud computing services. At Hostrunway we provide consultancy to host and manage the Google Cloud.
  • App Engine - App Engine is a fully managed server less service offered by Google cloud. It comes under platform as a service which helps apps to scale automatically. In App engine user can choose several languages, libraries and framework to develop the app. In App engine servers are bundled and based the use age, the app instance can scale up & scale down the configuration of server. Hostrunway helps to host your apps on the App Engine of Google cloud.
  • Compliance - Multi cloud hosting strategy helps organization to fulfil their goal for compliance, risk management and governance.
  • Container Engine - With the help of Google Container user can run Docker containers on Google Cloud. Container service is powered by Kubernetes. Google container engine services is recommended for applications having variable loads. It helps to manage various cluster of virtual machines.

Various storage services offered by GCP are: -

  • Cloud Storage - Depending on use age GCP provide various storage options. This storage is scalable to Exabyte of data. Customer can access storage, integrate storage with the application using single unified API and easily optimize the price and performance. Various types of storage option offered by GCP are:
    • Standard: - Maximum customers opt for standard storage. This can be optimized for performance and high frequency access.
    • Nearline: - This is recommended for user who access the storage once in a month time. In comparison of standard storage it is cheaper.
    • Coldline: - Coldline storage is recommended for users who access the data once in a quarter.
    • Archive: - Archive storage is recommended for users who access the data once in a year.
  • Cloud Datastore -Cloud datastore is a managed NoSQL and schema less database which is used for storing non-relational data. It automatically scales as per requirement of customer and it supports transactional and robust SQL queries.
  • Cloud SQL -Cloud SQL is fully managed relational database. It works on MySQL. Cloud SQL comes with replication management, patch management and database management.
  • Cloud Bigtable -Cloud Bigtable is NO SQL big database service offered by Google cloud. It can be scaled up to billions of rows and thousands of column. In Cloud Bigtable customer can store petabytes of data. Cloud Bigtable is used for storing very large amount of single layered data with very low latency.

Various Big data services offered by GCP are: -

  • BigQuery -Bigquery is a server less service offered by Google cloud that is highly scalable and cost effective data warehouse designed for business agility. BigQuery is a serveless service offered by Google cloud that is highly scalable and cost effective data warehouse designed for business agility. With the help of BigQuery customer can easily manage petabytes of SQL data. BigQuery gives real time insights about customer data.
  • Cloud dataflow -Cloud Dataflow is a fully managed streaming analytics service from Google Cloud that minimizes the latency, processing time and cost. It comes with auto scaling and batch processing service. With Cloud Dataflow customer can build, deploy and run data processing pipelines. It helps to solve business challenges. Google cloud Dataflow helps in large scale processing scenarios such as ETL, analytics, real time computation and process orchestration.
  • Cloud Pub/Sub: -Cloud Pub/Sub is an independent fully managed service from Google Cloud that allows customer to send and receive messages between independent applications.

Various other services offered by GCP are: -

  • Cloud Endpoints -Cloud Endpoints is a service which helps to manage distributed API system. In cloud Endpoints user gets an API console for hosting, logging, monitoring and securing the API. Customer can manage and monitor APIs on the Google Cloud Console.
  • Translate API -Translate API helps to translate between languages using Google machine learning services. It helps to quickly translate thousands of available language pairs with in customers application and integrate it with google translate.
  • Prediction API -Prediction API uses Google Machine learning algorithms to analyse and predict future outcomes.

Why Hostrunway for Google cloud partner services: -

  • Expertise -Hostrunway teams help to work out the best solution that fits customer requirements. We regularly monitors the use age of customer and provide inputs to optimize the infra. We provide best support to address your issues for running google cloud services.
  • Experience -We have rich experience in doing the migration of services on Google Cloud Platform. We also help in migration from the existing service provider.
  • Pricing -We provide proper consultancy and support to reduce the price of hosting on cloud.
  • Support -We provide constant support to our customers to manage the infrastructure hosted on Google Cloud services.

Various benefits of hosting on Google Cloud are: -

  • Storage and Databases -Google cloud platform provide Google cloud storage service which support all kinds of database like SQL, MS SQL etc. The Google cloud storage comes with the support of Bigdata. In Google cloud storage user can store and access data which is localized along with the high availability. In Google cloud storage users can store both structured and relational database which is not possible in other cloud.
  • Enhanced Performance -Google cloud has a big infrastructure spread all across the world. Services hosted on Google cloud comes with enhanced network services from Google. User definitely gets a much better performance while hosting application on Google cloud.
  • Flexibility in pricing plans - Google cloud has much better pricing plan than its competitors. It offers per second billing plans. In Google Cloud the user is not bounded to its plan. In Google Cloud no upfront cost is required. Overall Google Cloud pricing plan is much flexible than other cloud providers and it is cheaper as well.
  • Scalability - Google cloud provides the best scalability option. It can automatically scale up to handle high traffic load and scale down automatically when the load is reduced. The user has to pay as per use age.
  • Security - Google cloud is fully secured and it’s infra is well protected with more than 500 top experts in information, application and Network security. Google is ISO 27001, SOC 2/3 and PCI DSS compliant.

Various Application/services managed on Google Cloud Platform are: -

  • Websites Hosting - Google Cloud Provide a platform to host both static and dynamic websites. It support both relational and non-relational databases to run you web applications.
  • Mobile Applications - With the help of Google App Engine service in Google Cloud you can focus on the development of your mobile application without bothering about the infrastructure required. It is a platform which support all the latest technologies.
  • Development and testing - Google cloud provide the agility to test the application without making any CAPAX investment on hardware.
  • Big Data - Big data is helping users to analyse the future consumption. Applications are generating lot of data. Google cloud platform helps collect, ingest and analyse data quickly and efficiently.

Google Cloud - FAQ

Answer: - Kubernetes is a hybrid solution

Answer: - Customer can scale the infra with any downtime

Answer: - It is a server less solution

Answer: - A ""network"" is an isolated global resource holding network configuration.

Answer: - Cloud Functions lets customers build and deploy services at the level of a single function, not at the level of entire applications, containers, or VMs.

Answer: - Firebase helps in faster development and easier with cloud backend services.

Answer: - It reduces the time to market the application.

Answer: - Kubernetes Engine is a managed environment for deploying containerized apps.

Answer: - For the past 15 years, GCP has been building out the fastest, most powerful, highest quality cloud infrastructure on the planet.

Answer: - Google-grade data centers give you scale and security that are world-class and would be very expensive to achieve on-premises.

Answer: - A container provides the operating system needed to run an application.

Answer: - It provides a layer of logic so that customers can write code to access other services.

Answer: - App Engine saves organizations time and cost in software application development by eliminating the need to buy, build, and operate computing hardware and other infrastructure.

Answer: - Cloud DNS publishes and manages millions of DNS zones and records using a simple user interface, command-line interface (CLI), or application programming interface (API).

Answer: - Compute Engine makes it easy to create and configure high-performance VMs that will quickly and easily scale to any size workload.

Answer: - Cold line.

Answer: - BigQuery Data Transfer Service.

Answer: - Cloud Bigtable is aligned to the non-relational database requirements and is good for heavy read and write, events, and analytical data.

Answer: - Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data for client- and server-side development. Cloud Firestone a fully managed database service.

Answer: - Cloud Spanner is a enterprise-grade, globally distributed, and strongly consistent managed database service built for the cloud specifically to combine the benefits of relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale an enterprise-grade, globally distributed, and strongly consistent managed database service built for the cloud specifically to combine the benefits of relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale. Cloud Spanner uses synchronous replication within and across regions to achieve greater availability.

Answer: - It stands for Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable.

Answer: - Cloud datastore provide service to customers with non-relational data that want to reduce their operations burden with an enterprise-grade database.

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