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Database Server Hosting

What will you do, if your Database becomes corrupt? Whom do you call when you will need to migrate your Database? Who will manage your Database when it is huge in size? The answer to all of these questions is Data Base Administrator. Managed Database services include migration of database. Even, maintenance of database for instance, creation of tables, handling exceptions and conflicts comes under database management. Hosting a website on a cloud server and getting the database managed by the service provider is what managed database service is all about. Nowadays almost all the data center service providers are providing this service as a complimentary package with their cloud servers.

The benefits of HostRunway’s Managed Database Services are manifold. First of all, there is no additional headache for data management. One can easily concentrate on the business without worrying about the security of data. Migrating form one server to another server will be hassle-free. Seamless migration is possible without any data loss and data corruption. While implementing rules and searching database, HostRunway’s Support team will help you out at every step. Unexpected exceptions and conflicts are handled effortlessly without hampering the sanguineness of the data. Taking up managed Database services will help one to transform a CAPEX into an OPEX.

The three common questions that I get from my clients when I try to sell to them our database hosting services as are; what is database hosting? Why do I need a database server hosting and what are the benefits of database hosting?

Now to help you understand what database hosting services is all about, I am going to answer these three frequently asked questions as follows.

What is database hosting?

I would explain database hosting as a hosting service provided to clients who use applications that store their information or content on a database, and this involves using dedicated servers to run the database to be able to support these applications. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are some of web based applications that use database to store their information.

Why need database server hosting?

If you are looking to develop an application that store tone of information like property listing sites or a job search platform you should put this in to consideration this because database server hosting has the ability to store huge number of information compared to an average web server.

Benefits of database hosting?

  • By using applications that store their information on a database, users can get the information they need in a matter of minutes because of the huge memories on the database hosting severs which increases the speed to access to information.
  • It has been proven that search engines like google tend to pull fast information from web based application that store their content on a database and hence it is a plus on search engine optimization.
  • It is convenient when you what to shift to another hosting provider because all you need to do is backup or download your database and import or upload to your new database hosting provider.

HostRunway’s Managed Database Services are cost effective and beneficial for your business. We provide fully managed turnkey solution for your database. Our highly efficient support team is always ready to help and provide assistance 24x7. Taking up HostRunway’s Managed Database Service will help you go through Database Migrations, Exception handling, fault control and other roadblocks, smoothly and steadily. Other than monitoring services, managed services includes technical support and assistance at every step helping you to mitigate all the problems so that you can concentrate on most significant economy of yours without worrying about the data.

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