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Dedicated GPU Servers Pricing in Lithuania

Dedicated Servers with Graphics Processing Unit by Hostrunway High-end servers for any computing task, including deep learning, transcoding, streaming, rendering.

CPU Intel Xeon RAM (GB) Storage GPU Data Transfer Data Center Monthly Price
E3-1240v3, 4x 2x 3.4GHz 32GB 2X 250GB SSD Quadro K2200 128-bit-4 GB 30TB on 1 Gbps link Lithuania $324 Order Now
E3-1240v3, 4x 2x 3.4GHz 32GB 2X 250GB SSD Quadro K4200 256-bit-4 GB 30TB on 1 Gbps link Lithuania $351 Order Now
E5-2670, 8x 2x 2.6GHz 32 GB 2X 250 GB SSD Quadro K4200 256-bit-4 GB 30TB on 1 Gbps link Lithuania $441 Order Now
E5-1660V4 64 GB 2X 250 GB SSD NVIDIA A10 24 GB 30TB on 1 Gbps link Lithuania $840 Order Now
E5-1660V4 64 GB 2X 250 GB SSD NVIDIA A2 16 GB 100TB on 3 Gbps link Lithuania $600 Order Now

GPU Server Locations

GPU Dedicated Servers Lithuania

GPU stand for Graphical processing unit. Hostrunway provides dedicated server hosting services with latest GPU servers. Our GPU based dedicated servers are designed to meet the latest requirement of customer where graphic support is required. GPU based dedicated server provide better speed for running your application. GPU breaks a query into multiple tasks and process them out as one result. Hostrunway dedicated server with GPU is ideal for running applications where high intensive graphics support is required. These dedicated servers with GPU is ideal for running applications like big data, gaming, machine learning, mining of crypto currency, VDI etc.

Advantages of hosting dedicated server with GPU

  • Hostrunway’s GPU based dedicated servers provide better performance
  • PU servers can be used to host applications that are more CPU intensive like machine learning, big data, crypto currency, gaming etc.
  • We provide IPv4 and IPv6 network enabled servers.
  • Hostrunway provide GPU based dedicated servers with SSD drive which improves the overall performance of servers.

Dedicated Server with GPU vs CPU

CPU is the brain of any server or computer. A basic dedicated server comes with Physical CPU to run some general application like web hosting, CRM etc. Dedicated server hosting services comes with an option of running multiple CPUs in a server. Hostrunway can provide dedicated server with an options of hosting 16, 32, 64 CPU and much more. The clock speed of CPU varies from 2-4 GHz. Dedicated servers with CPU is well suited for applications that require more clock speed to execute task faster.

  • Processing: -CPU works on the concept of serial processing while GPU works on parallel processing.
  • CPUs and Clock speed: - GPU based server on an average has 700 processing cores which varies up to 3000 cores. However CPU based server’s cores starts from 4 and it varies up to 64 cores and more.

The clock speed of CPU based server is up to 3 GHz however in GPU based server the clock speed is much lesser. The maximum clock speed on latest GPU based servers is 1.2 GHz.

Various industrial application that are ideal for the use of GPU based servers are: -

  • Artificial Intelligence: - In today’s world most of companies are moving towards artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is used for making predictions, classifications and analysis of data. As the demand for Artificial intelligence is increasing therefore it becomes important that the AI companies should host servers on a platform which gives the best performance to run their AI applications. Hostrunway's GPU based dedicated servers can handle various request for parallel processing of data. Our dedicated server with GPU comes with high speed bandwidth and faster networks which is best suited to run AI applications.
  • Big data and Machine learning: - Big data and machine learning application require processor that deal with large size data and it can solve complex computational problems in a short time. Multiple queries and algorithms run in parallel to analyse the data and to solve complex problems. Hostrunway's GPU based dedicated server provide access to thousands of cores from each GPU and SSD drives provides high IOPs to server which makes it ideal to run applications related to Big data and machine learning.
  • Gaming application: - Online Game server application gives best performance with GPU servers. GPU based dedicated servers can be used to run multiple game applications like Counter Strike, Minecraft etc. Hostrunway provides latest configuration of GPU servers to run gaming applications. Our GPU based dedicated servers comes with SSD drives and 1 Gbps uplink port to give best performance for running online gaming applications.
  • Automobile industry: - Automobile industry is working on self-driving vehicles. Self-driving cars require lot of data to learn, adapt, analyse and process. GPU servers from Hostrunway provide best platform to host your automobile application in our data center. GPU servers has multiple cores which works simultaneously and provide the best output for running the automotive applications.
  • Healthcare industry: - Dedicated servers with GPU are ideal to run imaging solution in health care domain. GPU based dedicated servers speed up the deep learning speed and analysis of image. Crunching of image data require lot of compute which can be easily fulfilled by GPU servers.
  • Cryptocurrencies application: - Dedicated servers with GPU is suitable for running cryptocurrencies application like bitcoin. These GPU based dedicated server can handle multiple request in parallel and provide the best speed which is ideal to run these applications.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: - Use of GPU based dedicated servers to run VDI applications is gaining popularity. Dedicated server with GPU provide platform to render heavy tasks, image manipulation and streaming of video. Hostrunway provide a secure and reliable network to run VDI application on GPU based dedicated servers.

FAQs for GPU Based Dedicated Server

Q. Can I get a dedicated server with GPU?
Answer: - Yes, Hostrunway provide solution for hosting dedicated server with GPU. Depending on the requirements we have multiple options of hosting GPU card which can be configured in your server.
Q. Do you provide virtualization support for dedicated servers with GPU?
Answer: - Yes we provide virtualization support for dedicated server hosting with GPU. However customer need to provide prior information while placing the order for server.
Q. What is the uptime committed for dedicated server hosting with GPU?
Answer: - Uptime committed for GPU based dedicated servers is 99.95%.
Q. What are Operating systems you support for hosting GPU based dedicated servers?
Answer: - We support all the latest version of windows and Linux operating systems.
Q. What are the contract terms for hosting dedicated servers with GPU?
Answer: - The payment term is monthly advance. Customer can terminate service with one month notice in advance.
Q. What is the port speed of dedicated servers with GPU?
Answer: - Our dedicated servers with GPU comes with 1 Gbps uplink.
Q. Do you offer customizations for dedicated server with GPU?
Answer: - Yes we provide customization support as well. We provide customization for OS, RAM, CPU, hard drive and bandwidth requirements.

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