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What is Multi Cloud Strategy?

Multi Cloud is the strategy when an organization plan to host its applications on more than one cloud service provider. A multi cloud can a combination hybrid, public and private cloud. Generally people get confused between Hybrid cloud and Multi cloud. Multi is a strategy and hybrid cloud is an infrastructure of the organization. While implementing Multi cloud strategy an organization has option to host various applications with different cloud service provider.

Under Multi cloud service portfolio we offer solution and services from two or more cloud service providers. A multi cloud solution can be a mix public and private cloud. These days’ companies prefer to opt for multi cloud hosting environment to distribute resources and minimize the risk of data loss and downtime. It has been observed that various cloud provider has certain USP in there service offerings and pricing. With multi cloud services we analyse your requirements and work out the best solution.

Benefits of Multi Cloud Hosting:-

A multi cloud solution helps companies/organization to select cloud service provider based on the application that customer plan to run.

For example if a customer plan to run oracle on cloud then he can opt for Azure, AWS or Oracle cloud. Organization opt for multi cloud solution for the following reasons: -

  • Flexibility - Multi cloud solution offers flexibility to customer to run its application as per the best solution and practice offered by the cloud provider.
  • Redundancy - Hosting application with Multi cloud options give redundancy to end customer. It also ensure full security of data in case of any disaster.
  • Compliance - Multi cloud hosting strategy helps organization to fulfil their goal for compliance, risk management and governance.
  • Allow organizations to utilize their existing skills: - An organizations spend lot of wealth to improve the skills of the employees. With Multi cloud strategy customer get the liberty to for cloud solution based on the skills of its manpower. On the other side organization can enhance the skill of manpower on another cloud services and later on opt for other cloud solution based on the demand and budget of the customer.
  • Vendor lock in - Moving your in house infra on cloud is not an easy task. Once you move your infra on cloud then moving out of cloud infra is again difficult to manage. In case customer face any challenge with existing cloud service provider in term of uptime, cost etc then being multi cloud service provider we can help customer to migrate infra to other cloud providers.
  • Cost optimization - Every cloud service provider offers different compute and storage at different prices. By doing proper performance analysis we can optimize the solution by hosting applications in different cloud and optimize the input cost to maintain your infrastructure.
  • Better disaster Preparedness - With multi cloud strategy customer has option to host applications on different cloud providers. In case of any downtime on any cloud service provider customer get an option to run application on another cloud service provider. By choosing multi cloud strategy customer will not face complete downtime of the it’s infra. Customer will be better prepared for the disaster.

Common cloud service provider are:-

  • AWS - With a certified team of AWS professional we provide and manage AWS cloud. AWS has more than 100+ services and keep and op launching the new services. AWS cloud operates from more than 44+ availability zone in 16 geographic regions worldwide.

Various AWS services offered by us:-

  • Compute - Basic requirement to run any application on CSP begins with compute. Considering various used case scenarios AWS offers different services for compute. These are:
Amazon Lightsail Amazon EC2 AWS Lambda AWS Elastic Beanstalk Flexible load balancing Auto scaling
  • Storage - AWS cloud is more secure, Scalable and reliable. We can host applications like data warehouses, big data analytics, databases, Internet of Things, archive and backup applications. Various options for AWS storage are: -
Amazon Glacier Amazon S3 AWS storage gateway Amazon EFS


Amazon RDS Amazon Aurora Amazon Elastic Cache Amazon DynamoDB Amazon Redshift

Content and Network Delivery

Amazon route 53 Amazon cloudfront Amazon Direct Connect

Developer Tools

AWS CodeCommit AWS CodeStar AWS CodePipeline AWS CodeDeploy

Media Services

  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  • Messaging
Amazon Pinpoint Amazon SQS Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service)
  • Mobile Services
Amazon API Gateway Amazon Web Services Mobile Hub Amazon Cognito In Built Security Amazon Web Services Device Farm
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

Global Data Center Location

Hostrunway offers a low latency worldwide network, enabling you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base.

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