Tally Hosting

What is Tally Cloud by HostRunWay?

Tally cloud and Tally hosting allows you to access all the features of a Tally server, without having to buy your own servers and equipment. Having to buy Server Hardware, Operating System Licenses, Antivirus software, Backup software, Storage devices and UPS can lead to huge costs. Even if you have all this hardware, maintenance can be expensive. Moving to the cloud is a much easier way to access a Tally server, and it is also much more cost-effective.

Tally Server Features by HostRunWay

Tally server is made for medium and large-sized businesses. The technology behind the Tally server is based on multi-version concurrency capabilities to provide the most efficient scalability. To improve speed, requests from every single user get the same level of priority and are dealt with simultaneously not sequentially. Since there is no possibility of queuing modification or access requests, users will feel like they are working with their own local copies. Tally Server will make sure that all data access and modification by each user is isolated to his own snapshot, which allows other users to work smoothly.

Therefore, there is practically no blocking of other user's tasks even in cases when new users are added to the system. In addition, it is known for maintaining very high data consistency even in intense use case scenarios and environments.

What are the benefits of Cloud Tally?

Cloud-based live operational reporting and financial

Dynamic directory integrated with security

Streamlined data entry

Transactions history over with single click

Pre-configured data warehouse for fast implementations

Customizable modules detailed with security

Easy planning, forecasting, budgeting, analyzing and modeling

Why Choose HostRunWay Cloud to Host Your Tally?

When choosing a host, there are two things that all users demand, and those are reliability and security. HostRunWay is a Tally cloud provider. Tally and all of your data are hosted in high speed Virtual Machines. The Tally App is published using the RDP protocol, which can be accessed from any location. HostRunWay provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee, making their servers extremely reliable. In addition, HostRunWay provides powerful dedicated servers, starting with Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1220V2 processors, 8GB of RAM, unlimited bandwidth, free setup and 24/7 support. Affordable prices are just an added bonus to these features. One of the most important features when moving to the cloud is scalability. If you need more CPU power or more RAM, Host RunWay will provide it for you.

High Level of security


99.99% Up Time

Powerful servers

Affordable prices

24/7 Support

Tally runs fast on our servers, and you can choose which operating system you want to run it on. Choosing Tally in the cloud gives you all the power of a Tally server, without all the hassle. It is a much easier and a much more affordable way to get started with Tally. Our satisfied users are here to prove that, and if you should have any additional questions, our 24/7 support team is here to help you.

Facts You Must Know About Us :)

The world is moving to the cloud, and this is not just a trend anymore, it's simply a fact. Just like we moved from keeping our cash at home to keeping it in banks, or from shopping at physical stores to online shopping, moving your business to the cloud is now very common and has proven to be very beneficial to those who have chosen to do so.

Lowest latency

We commit lowest letency on servers

Customized Servers

We have customizable plans as per requirement


99.99 % Uptime & Support

Serving 99% Uptime & Support

300 % Growth

We are growing day by day

HostRunWay always helps you to choose your Best Server as per your Apps Needs

Using HostRunWay's Cloud services to store information and applications can be beneficial to businesses of all kinds in many different ways. Probably the most obvious benefit to using cloud architectures is the fact that it can help your business cut costs. Beyond cutting costs, however, businesses will experience other benefits from using cloud architectures..

What kind of an application you want to run in the server?

You need to figure out the characteristic or the nature of the application that you want to run in the server. Doing this beforehand will help you understand the server requirement and you will be able to choose the plan accordingly.

How much RAM, hard drive and CPU is required?

While choosing a server, you must keep the basic components of it in mind. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how much CPU, hard drive space and RAM is required.

What version of database is required?

The more advanced version of database you use, the better the performance of the server will be. At the same time, it might affect the cost of the package as well. Hence, be careful to determine the database version. HostRunway offer support on wide range of data bases that includes MYSQL, MS SQL, Oracle and POSTGRE.

What kind of server managed service is required?

Server managed service is something that you should be very specific about. This is what will ensure the availability and the performance of the server. Be a little detailed while explaining the service that you require as this will help the service provider meet your requirements in the best possible way. We offer managed services support on network level, OS level, application level, back up and DR level.

VPS Hosting (80%)
Dedicated Servers (65%)
Email Hosting (55%)
Disaster Recovery (70%)
Cloud Backup (90%)