Disaster Recovery

Introduction, Business Continuity Plan by HostRunWay

One of the biggest challenges for every organization is to derive a proper business continuity or disaster recovery plan, one that ensures sustenance even during adverse conditions, be it natural or man-made. Most organizations, at least until now, have been comfortably overlooking the importance of ensuring their business is well guarded against such situations.

What is the most important asset for any organization or business entity? Their data, information, knowledge. Information about the customers, product details, purchase orders, invoices, payment history, balance sheets, inventory, and employee records, legal documents, work orders along with plenty of other invaluable documents.

Now the probability of losing out on all the information as a result of a disaster, natural or otherwise, may not be exceedingly high but the chances of the business severely suffering in case that happens, is incredibly high. So it is of utmost importance that a proper, well functioning Disaster Recovery plan is in place for every organization to be well equipped in case such a situation does arise.

The first and last thing that should be your concern, if you are running a business organization, be it of any nature or any proportion. Data can be of many forms. Starting from your daily transactions to market surveys to employee details, it’s the one thing that you can’t afford to take lightly. However, how secure is your data? A recent survey shows more than 50% of the major MNCs in the world is still ignorant about the plaguing causes which might lead to the destruction or loss of your valuable data in the flip of an eyelid!

There are umpteen number of malicious practices or ways to which your data might succumb to. Software intrusions, Hardware malfunctions are some of the easy to cite examples.

How do you do it?

* Replicate your primary server environment in an off-site location on real time basis

* Ensure the DR site is in a seismically different zone

* Use a P2P connectivity between the two sites to ensure low RPO, RTO

* Receive intimation from the service provider when disaster happens

* Declare the disaster officially after investigation and within RTO, the DR site will be up and running

* Automated & Unattended agent based Backups of Laptops, Desktops, Servers

* Supports Windows, Linux, & Mac Operating Systems

* No CAPEX on Servers/ Backup Software & Storage

* No IT Manpower required to install & manage backups

* Web Based UI for data restoration

* Provides ISO compliance for Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

* All user data is 256 Bit Encrypted while in transit & storage

* Incremental data backup hence very small bandwidth utilization

* Custom Reports & backup schedules

* All data stored at HostRunWay owned ISO 27001 certified TIER III Data Center on highly redundant Server & storage infra

* Reduces administrator workload and backup costs

* Central Web-based administration of all features, including event scheduling, remote backup status and reporting

* Remote backup administration and automation eliminates on-site visits

* Consolidated and easy-to-read alerts for failed cycles

* Universal restore for recoveries to dissimilar hardware or virtual machines

* Backup of only Pre-defined file extensions (xls, doc, pdf, ppt, Jpeg etc)

* Bandwidth utilization control

* Pre-defined folder or entire drive backup

* Go live & safe in the matter or minutes. No long project implementation cycles

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Disaster Recovery, despite being largely considered as a ‘unnecessary’ IT expenditure for long, they are gradually welcoming the whole idea of having their business up and running even if an adverse situation does arise. And for this to be ensured, it is imperative that you are associated with a service provider who has the highest expertise in the concerned field of technology.

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HostRunWay have expert’s technical team who can able to deploy and manage your servers in our infrastructure according to your business requirements. We are committed to give our 100% to maximize your website or apps performance. We have world-class expertise and solutions which fulfil are your business requirements.

HostRunWay always helps you to choose your Best Server as per your Apps Needs

Using HostRunWay's Cloud services to store information and applications can be beneficial to businesses of all kinds in many different ways. Probably the most obvious benefit to using cloud architectures is the fact that it can help your business cut costs. Beyond cutting costs, however, businesses will experience other benefits from using cloud architectures..

What kind of an application you want to run in the server?

You need to figure out the characteristic or the nature of the application that you want to run in the server. Doing this beforehand will help you understand the server requirement and you will be able to choose the plan accordingly.

How much RAM, hard drive and CPU is required?

While choosing a server, you must keep the basic components of it in mind. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how much CPU, hard drive space and RAM is required.

What version of database is required?

The more advanced version of database you use, the better the performance of the server will be. At the same time, it might affect the cost of the package as well. Hence, be careful to determine the database version. HostRunway offer support on wide range of data bases that includes MYSQL, MS SQL, Oracle and POSTGRE.

What kind of server managed service is required?

Server managed service is something that you should be very specific about. This is what will ensure the availability and the performance of the server. Be a little detailed while explaining the service that you require as this will help the service provider meet your requirements in the best possible way. We offer managed services support on network level, OS level, application level, back up and DR level.

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